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Welcome to LAÏTE works, a brand that loves to tell beautiful stories through hand embroideries.


Our visual inspirations come from nature, art, history, fairytales, cultures, day to day life, just about anything that helps us tell a story in a naïve, poetic and delicate way. 


We hand draw each of our motifs and build several themes for our collection. 


Our next step includes choosing appropriate colors and embroidery techniques to illustrate our themes. The embroidery techniques are inspired from traditional embroideries of India. 


The embroideries are done by craftsmen in an atelier in New Delhi, India. The embroidery of a product may take up to two to four days. 

Our brand is pronounced as “light-works” and is inspired from the very word because we use only the natural fabrics (cashmere, silk and cotton) that are soft and light in nature. 

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